It is well known that time is a precious and expensive treasure...
In this collection we put on stage the mechanism that turns around our lives - time.  It is divided into seconds, minutes, hours and days, and between them there are shiny exciting moments, in different colors, that we will keep in our hearts forever.

The collection gives a glimpse into a moment that has gone and perpetuates it with noble materials - the combination of white, yellow and rose gold, white, blue, green and yellow diamonds illustrates the diversity in life, every single moment is different from its previous and from the next to follow.
Moments and memories set in jewelry, like longing to a moment that has passed and with expectation to many wonderful moments that are just about to come!
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Novo Hombre diamond jewelry for men | Novo Hombre men jewelry |
Novo Hombre men jewelry | Novo Hombre diamond jewelry for men |

"New men's jewellery line shows that diamonds can be a man's best friend"

BaselWorld Magazine

“Novo Hombre - An unusual look of jewelry"

Vogue Poland

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